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ICC Appeals Chamber Rejects Prosecution Appeal

The office of the prosecutor appealed the decision of the pre-trial chamber declining to confirm charges again Bahar Idriss Abu Garda.  The trial chamber decision, originally blogged here,  found that the office of the prosecutor had not produced enough evidence to continue the case for trial.   The standard...
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Lubanga Trial Takes Two Week Break

The International Criminal Court trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo was suspended this week for a two week trip for the defense to the Democratic Republic of Congo for important “research,” presumably this means further investigation into the previous allegations that prosecution witnesses lied  or were paid to lie...
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International Criminal Court Finds For Abu Garda

The Interational Criminal Court, pre-trial chamber I today ruled that the Office of the Prosecutor had not provided sufficient evidence to continue the case against Bahar Idriss Abu Garda for trial.  Abu Garda was the first case from the Sudan to come before the court. He appeared voluntarily...
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