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MSBA Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist John L. Fossum

Attorney John L. Fossum

John L. Fossum is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association.  He is a past chair of the Criminal Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association and has represented clients charged with serious crimes in state and federal courts in Minnesota. since 1993.   MSBA Board Certified Criminal Law SpecialistHe has also been named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers and is a member of the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyer of Minnesota.

John Fossum was a part time public defender in Ramsey, Rice, Steele and Waseca Counties in Minnesota and is very familiar with court procedures and defenses to crimes in state court. He maintained an active private practice while working part time as a public defender.

John L. Fossum has been an active member the Criminal Justice Act panel of the Federal Defender’s Office in Minneapolis and represented a number of clients in Federal Court in Minnesota. John L. Fossum has appeared on criminal cases in at least 20 of Minnesota’s 87 counties and in Federal Courts in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth.  He has tried cases in state and federal court, and won acquittals or dismissals in burglary, cocaine, methamphetamine and assault cases, to name a few.  If you are charged with a drug crime, DUI/DWI, assault, theft, sex crime, or other crime in Minnesota, John Fossum can assist you in defending your case.

In 2007-2008, John L. Fossum served as a Criminal Justice Advisor in Afghanistan, training Afghan police and prosecutors on practice and procedure. Mr. Fossum is also admitted to practice before the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and The Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

If you have been charged with a crime, or are being investigated for one, it is in your best interest to seek representation as soon as possible.  Do not speak to the police or investigators without the advice of counsel!

You will need the assistance of a lawyer who is well versed in both procedural and constitutional law.  Problems caused by inadequate representation at trial may not be resolved on appeal.  It is important to have an effective and strong defense from the beginning of your case.

Fossum Law Office, LLC accepts cases from throughout the Twin Cities metro area, South Eastern Minnesota and the Federal Courts in Minnesota.

If you have a criminal law problem in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hastings, Shakopee, Mankato, Red Wing, Faribault, Waseca, Owatonna, Rochester, Albert Lea, Austin or elsewhere in Minnesota, call John L. Fossum and Fossum Law Office LLC to get help!

Call to meet in Northfield or Bloomington, 507-645-0002, or 952-232-5865

Representative Cases:


State v. Client,

Post Conviction, Rice County, client was allowed to withdraw a plea of guilty for not having been properly informed of the consequences of pleading guilty by prior counsel.

State v. Client,

Steele County, court trial, client charged with disorderly conduct, self-defense, client acquitted at court trial.

State v. V.Q.

Minnesota court of appeals, successfully argued for the court’s downward departure in this case, although convicted at trial, client did not serve the mandatory minimum prison sentence.

State v. J.G.

Rice County, Client acquitted at trial of burglary and assault charges.

State v. S.N.

Rice County, Evidence suppressed, illegal search, case dismissed.

State v. Client

Rice County, Evidence suppressed, First and Second Degree controlled substance charges dismissed, convicted of Fifth degree drug offense at trial.

State v. S.B.,

Rice County, Jury Trial, Acquitted of Gross misdemeanor assault, convicted of disorderly conduct.

State v. D.C.,

Rice County, Evidence Suppresed, illegal search, case dismissed, felony drug charges.

State v. S.B.,

Waseca County, Evidence Supressed, illegal search, case dismissed, felony drug charges.