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College Students and Offenses

College students sometimes get charged with crimes.  If you are student at St. Olaf,  Carleton,  or another college, and have been charged with a misdemeanor or higher offense, you need a lawyer.  John L. Fossum is a certified as a criminal law specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association.

MSBA Board Certified Criminal Law Specilaist John L. Fossum

It is important to understand not just the potential sentence, but all the potential consequences and take steps to minimize or prevent those consequence. A conviction for many misdemeanor offenses may have immigration or long-lasting consequences preventing from the kind of job you would like to have later in life. If you have been charged with any crime that has a potential of jail time, you need a lawyer, even if you are not likely to go to jail.  Call Fossum Law Office, LLC today at 507-645-0002 or 952-232-5865 to discuss your case.Fossum Law Office, LLC has offices in Northfield and meeting space available in  Bloomington, Minnesota. Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Fossum can assist with your case if you are charged in Rochester, Faribault, Hastings, Apple Valley, Owatonna, Waseca, Albert Lea, Burnsville, Chaska, Shakopee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Anoka, or elsewhere in the Twin Cities or Minnesota. John L. Fossum also represents clients in federal criminal defense cases.  Don’t let your hard work be wasted by a conviction with long-lasting collateral consequences.


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